In 1984, the book "How to Turn Around a Financially Troubled Company" was published and became the Bible for the industry. It also helped to launch KGI (formerly named Kibel Green Inc.) and our reputable turnaround practice.

Our senior and experienced financial managers and business leaders have developed the reputation for achieving extraordinary results and creating a reliable base of information. Using this information KGI is able to lead accurate decision making that assists the conflicting stakeholders in reaching workable agreements.

The Turnaround process is multi-faceted and many activities must be done in parallel. One part of the process involves planning for the future, the other involves negotiation with stakeholders to retain short term viability and allow time for the business to be fixed.

KGI can function as an outside consultant or as the CRO (Chief Restructuring officer) reporting to the CEO and/or owner.

The important elements of the Turnaround could include:

  • Preparing the Business Plan
  • Stabilizing the Cash Flow
  • Reducing Costs
  • Debt Restructuring, Capital Raising and the CRO
  • Bankruptcy Services

While we prefer to be engaged prior to bankruptcy we can perform effectively in the bankruptcy environment. We also have represented lenders who wish to evaluate the borrower's ability to achieve its plan. Please find our Creditor Advisor Services located in Bankruptcy Services.